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Pompa HITACHI WM-P130GX 130watt 56681

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HITACHI WM-P130GX 130watt Description:

Brand: Hitachi

Model: WM-P130GX

Motor Watt: 130 Watt

Suction power: 8 m

Transmitting power: 12 m

Capacity: 27 liters / min (max 36 L / m)

Suction & Discharge Pipe: 3/4 inch

Can use 3-4 taps together

Dimensions (LxPxT): 354x312x323

Produces High Water Pressure

- Pressure Stabilizing Units

- Pressure switch safety component (Live saving unit) makes the pump durable

- Bladder tank, can inflate and deflate to provide the pressure needed by the pump

Advantages of the Hitachi WM-P130GX Pump

- Constant and anti-rust water pressure throughout use.

- Water temperature relays will temporarily stop the running of the pump motor when the pump head experiences a high temperature rise. This prevents the pump head from deforming due to high heat.

- Automatic control to turn on and turn off the pump that runs in conjunction with the use of water tap.


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