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Pompa HITACHI DT-P300GX 300watt 54451

SKU: 54451
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HITACHI DT-P300GX Description:

Brand: Hitachi

Model: DT-P300GX

Motor Watt: 300 watt

Daya hisap: 18, 24, 30 m

Daya pancar: 12 m

Kapasitas: 20, 16 ,9 liter/min

Suction Pipe : 1 1/4 inch

Discharge Pipe: 1 inch

Dimensi (LxPxT): 384 x 384 x 564


- Automatic Switch

The water pressure switch automatically turns on and off the pump according to the operation of the water tap.

- Suitable for narrow wells up to 30m Deep

In addition to being suitable for wells with a depth of 30m, the durability of the jet system is designed to suit narrow wells. Parallel Jet System for deep wells 18-30m

- Special Thick Steel Tank

The tank is made of special thick iron and is coated with three layers of anti-rust agent for durability, and its metallic color to ward off sunlight.

- The Built-in Thermal Relay

The conductor of heat inside the motor prevents changes in the shape of the parts due to excessive heat.

- Rust Resistant & Highly Durable Parts

Both the fan and valve are made of high-quality resin to guarantee durability and anti-rust.


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