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Kabel HDMI THUNDERCABLE KS-E614 2M/3M/5M 02015799/800/801

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Product Manual:

HDMI (High Definition Digital Multimedia Interface) is the future development direction of HDTV (High Definition Television), allowing you to experience the enjoyment of ultra-high resolution digital video and multi-channel digital surround audio through an HDMI digital multimedia cable. Ideal connection solutions for digital AV equipment such as TVs, plasma color TVs, LCD TVs, digital projectors, etc., to provide a larger stage for your conference system and home theater system.

Instructions For Use:

All devices with HDMI interface can be connected by HDMI cable, such as : Blu-ray HD DVD player connected to HD TV, LCD, LED, projector HD player, computer with HDMI interface connected to HD TV, projection, rear projection, projection PS3 game consoles such as devices are connected to high-definition TVs, projectors are used in modern digital audio-visual equipment connection and various signal transmission.

Version 1.4 function description:

l        Support HDMI Ethernet channel: the TV with broadband connection function can not only use theHDMIport to share video and audio signals with other devices (game consoles and hard disk recorders), but also share the Internet connection at the same time.

l        Support audio feedback channel: you can send audio signals to an external amplifier, allowing you to get a better audio experience.

l        Supports ultra-high-definition resolution 4KX2K : four times the current1080p, which can transmit content at the same resolution as many digital home theaters.

l        Support for expanding color space: The color space specially designed for digital cameras , including sYCC601, Adobe RGB, AdobeYCC601 , can display more realistic colors when connected to your digital camera.

l        Support HDMI 3D format and resolution: realizethe standardization of the input and output parts ofyour home3Dsystem, and support twovideo streams with1080presolution.

l        Support digital video and digital audio output: use uncompressed technology to transmit all digital signals, the transmission speed is 10.2Gbps , and support 8-channel 96kHz or mono 192kHz digital audio transmission

l        Supported digital video format: It is the ideal HDMI high-definition wiring for high-definition TV, Blu-ray DVD player and other equipment .


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