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Kabel Data USAMS US-SJ241 U+ Series Lightning 2M Merah/Biru

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USAMS US-SJ241 U+ Series Lightning Description:

Brand: USAMS US-SJ241

Length: 2 Meter

Current: 2 A

Material: Zinc Alloy+Ballistic Nylon Wiring

Compatible: Lightning port devices


- Star type Indicator

Charging at night is more convinient soft lightning, does not affect sleep.

- Safe to charge

Automatic current regulation protect battery

- Durable in use

Add TVS tube inside, anti-plug voltage. The general data line has anti-instaneous voltage of 20V-30V, and the voltage can be up to 70V after in increase.

- Integrated in-line structure

Inline plug, TPE expansion 360o twisted bend.

- Charging & transmission

Charging and transmission at the same time, efficient and fast.


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