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Kabel Data REMAX COWBOY RC-096i Lightning 1.8M Biru 40001161

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REMAX COWBOY RC-096i Lightning Description:

- One thing that is different from this cable is the use of jeans fabric as a dressing on the outside of the cable. Besides being strong, it looks different.

- Battery Charging & Data Transfer

This cable can be used for gadget charging activities, as well as for data transfer purposes.

- Thick & Strong Cable

The cable section is coated with a famous thick and strong jeans fabric, so it can protect the inside of the cable to the maximum. In the sales package cable ties are also provided with stylish designs.

- More stable currents

Both parts of the connector from this cable have used a layer of gold which is known to be able to flow more stable. Besides it is not easy to rust so it can be used for a long time.

- 1.8 Meter Cable Length

The cable length feels right when you are charging the battery from a wall charger or power bank.

- Support Fast Charging

This cable uses a high-quality copper core, so that it can withstand current sizes up to 2A so that it is suitable to support fast charging batteries.


- Length: 1.8 meters

- Plug n Play

- Apple Lightning & USB


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