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Charger ORICO 5 Port Multi Function Power Station DUK-5P 21000199

SKU: 21000199
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10 ports charging station with stands ; Customized one-stop charging equipment in public places 10 ports USB charging with stand, built-in cooling fan, smart controller, MPS synchronous rectification, 120W high-power 10 USB Ports,120w Power,5V2.4A Output.

Full power, charging 10 tablets at one time

Full power, charging 10 tablets at one time ; Innovation with high energy, concentrated charging 10 devices Enthusiast 10 ports USB charger, 140 total power, each port 5V2.4A full output, charging 10 tablets at once, convenient for usage in resturant, hotel, school, shopping mall, airport and etc.

10 USB ports with 10 stands,Free from confusion

Mess and disorder caused by multi-devices charging may influence the experience of users. Each USB port with a corresponding stand and scientific slot depth for mobile phones, tablet and other electronic devices, clean and tidy.High endurance, active cooling fan ; As cool as you can built-in active cooling fan, and ventilation holes on sides, make better heat dissipation, keeps it continuously running, stable and safe.

Smart controller+MPS synchronous rectification,Dual technology, fast charging

Dual technology, fast charging. High-quality chip intelligently distribute current:Inteligently identify all digital devices on the market, automatically identify the appropriate current of the connected devices, can achieve faster charging speed and avoid battery life loss.United States MPS synchronous recification technology: Greatly reduce the charger's rectification losses,improve conversion efficiency,reduce the charger's heat and greatly improve the power conversion efficiency of ORICO smart charger.

Multi-protection safety system with Good Heat Dissipation

Eight protection modules ; Overvoltage protection Surge protection Over current protection Short circuit protection Over charging protection Over heat protection Over power protection 750?Flame retardant.


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