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Apai Genie Phone stand tracking 360 Selfie 40001939

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Power Saving

A new generation of efficient power-saving algorithm, combined with ultra-low-power Bluetooth 5.0 chip, replaceable battery design, easily meet the daily needs of shooting

Smart Following

The camera interface locks on the target, and the PTZ follows the target to complete a variety of scenes shootings, The combination of deep learning and computer vision algorithms makes the follow to be smoother

Install Mobile Phone

Open the phone holder and slide the phone into the phone holder by making phone lens face you, and adjust the phone to make it suitable

Horizontal and Vertical Switching

Loosen the knob, release the phone holder and rotate it to horizontal or vertical mode. Tighten the knob to install the phone

Power On for Use

Long Press Power Button: power on/off, the LED light flashing/out

Downloading APP

Scan the QR code located in the instruction book or search "Apai Genie" in the App Store of Google Play Store to download and install the app

Main Function Introduction

1. Recording control

2. Object Tracking

3. Facial Tracking


Product Name: 360° object tracking holder

Angle: 360° Horizontal rotation

37° Upward rotation

37° Downward rotation

Model: Apai Genie

Supported Phone Dimensions: 56-100mm

Power supply: 3 X "AA" batteries

Support System: iOS 10.0 and later

Android 8.1 and later


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