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Alat Cuci Tangan REMAX WP-01 Hand Washer Automatic 05018100

SKU: 05018100
Rp. 200.000
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Model: WP-01

Material: ABS

Working voltage: 6V

Working current: 240mA

Rated power: 1.4W

Induction distance: 4-5cm

Net weight: 266g

Size: 188*72mm

Four intimate functions: better performance

-Foam mousse

-Wash hands without touching

-Highly effective antibacterial

-Infrared fast sensor

-This product can use two kinds of hand sanitizers, no-washing and water washing.

-It adopts Roman column shape design, beautiful and generous appearance.

-Use this product with hand sanitizer, effective antibacterial, refreshing fragrance.

-This product uses infrared sensors to produce bubbles without pressing


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