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Air Purifier SHARP KC-G50Y-W With Humidifying Function Anti

IDR 5.900.000


SHARP KC-G50Y-W With Humidifying Function Anti Dust Mode Description:

Room Capacity 38 m2

Plasmacluster Generator

Micro-organism deactivation system

Panda Filter:

Black and white filter which has different functions.

The white part (inorganic absorber) can decompose chemical compounds such as VOC, Nox and Sox. *

The black part can decompose the SMOKE FOG compound, so that this filter becomes more durable than the previous one.

7 Detection

With 7 sensors:

- PM2.5 sensor, detects particles up to PM2.5 size and collects them quickly using strong puffs.

- Dust sensor, detects dust and collects it quickly using strong puffs.

- Odor Sensor, detects odors like odors from cigarette smoke and removes them.

- Temperature sensor, to provide comfort.

- Humidity sensor, to adjust the humidity of the room automatically.

- Light Sensor, Detects the light is off then automatically activates Sleep Mode.

- Motion sensor, detects the quantity of movement in the room then the fan speed is set automatically.

Spot Mode

With a strong blow from the front air outlet and the front louver can be adjusted manually up to 20 degrees down, maximizing air purification in the room.


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