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Air Purifier SHARP FU-A80Y-AM High Density 7000 Emas 55029

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SHARP FU-A80Y-W/AM High Density 7000 Description:

Plasmacluster Generator

The Plasmacluster Generator, which is implanted into this product, will release Positive and Negative ions into the air and then hunt harmful harmful elements such as Viruses, Fungi, Allergens, Smells to the corners of the room. These ions will form hydrosils on the surface of the particles to immobilize them. Hydrosil (OH-) is a radical compound that will actively take hydrogen atoms and immediately deactivate it, so that harmful particles such as viruses, fungi, allergens, odors and so on become paralyzed.

Micro-organism deactivation system

Ion generators produce Plasmacluster ions, positive ions and negative ions actively search for micro organisms, turn into Hydroxyl (OH-) and withdraw rapidly Hydrogen (H +) from micro organisms that will turn into (H2O), so the micro organisms are deactivated.

Filter Performance

The filter serves to filter out dust that contains allergens (things that cause allergies), smoke, cigarette odor, animal odor etc. Sharp has 3 main filters namely HEPA Filter, Deodorizing Filter and Pre-Filter.

Strong Suction Power

Strong suction power to filter room air and spread Plasmacluster ions appropriately and evenly throughout the room will keep the room always clean, healthy and comfortable for its users.

Plasmacluster Ion Spread is More Evenly Distributed

Plasmacluster ions will spread evenly throughout the room. Plasmacluster ions effectively deactivate and suppress the development of allergen bacteria found in air dust.

- Coverage: 62 m2

- Ion Shower Indicator: Yes - Plasmacluster 7,000 ions / cm3

- Humidify: No.

- Max air flow: 480 m3 / hour

- Air flow Medium: 300 m3 / hour

- Low air flow: 120 m3 / hour

- HEPA filter: Yes

- Deodorizing filter: Yes

- Dimensions: 404 x 245 x 620 mm


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