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Air Purifier SHARP FP-F30Y-H Abu-abu

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SHARP FP-F30Y-A/H Description:

Color : Grey

Plasmacluster High Density Ions

Applicable Coverage Area for 21 m2

Dust Sensor

Speed ​​Mode (Max / High / Low)

HEPA Filter

Plasmacluster Generator

This air purifier product has a Plasmacluster generator that functions to release positive ions and replace negative ions into the air. Not only that, this tool also functions to hunt down visible elements in the air, such as viruses, fungi, allergens, odor and so on in one room. The ion released by this tool forms the surface hydrosil of the particle which can immobilize it. With this hydrosil process, the hydrogen present in micro-organisms will be attracted quickly, and turn into H2o. The process has proven effective in disabling micro-organisms in the air.

Micro-organism deactivation system

Ion generators produce Plasmacluster ions, positive ions and negative ions actively search for micro organisms, turn into Hydroxyl (OH-) and withdraw rapidly Hydrogen (H +) from micro organisms that will turn into (H2O), so the micro organisms are deactivated.

Filter Performance

The filter serves to filter out dust that contains allergens (things that cause allergies), smoke, cigarette odor, animal odor etc. Sharp has 3 main filters namely HEPA Filter, Deodorizing Filter

27 Watt max

12 Watt Medium

4.1 Watt Low

Dimensions 380 x 197 x 570 mm



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