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Adaptor+USB SONY CP-AD2M2 Micro Putih 05017296

SKU: 05017296
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SONY CP-AD2M2 Micro Description:

- A fast charging system that is safe to use

- Has an output of 3.0 A

- Voltage of 100V-240V

- There is a USB Cable

- Serves to charge your device

- Compatible for smartphones, tablets, MP3 / MP4 and other devices

Sony USB AC Adapter CP-AD2M2, suitable for your smartphones who need it

The charger device is flexible and easy to use. By relying on the fast system

charging then refilling more safely and efficiently.

With an output of 3.0A and 100V-240V power suitable for smartphones

need the best charging device. There is also a USB cable to connect

smartphones with charging devices.

Package Contents:

- Sony USB AC Adapter CP-AD2M2

- Micro USB Cable


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