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Adapter FIBER OPTIC SC Adaptor Wall Kace Plate 02019554

SKU: 02019554
Rp. 50.000


- Size: 86mm*86mm, distance betwwen two screw holes:60 mm.Tooless connection just plug one cable into the front and one into the back of each port.

- Design of internal oblique angle, can be effective for anti-operation visual fatigue.The improved base design supports cold connection, hot connection and quick connection of various termination modes.Wall plate looks the same on the front and back (female to female).

- The dustproof and waterproof device is designed to prevent dust from entering.Suitable for SC Singlemode Fiber Optic cable.Using high-quality PC plastic with anti-collision, fire-retardant, impact resistance.

- Optical fiber panel has high light transmission efficiency, low coupling loss between stages, clear and true image transmission.The most typical application is an optical input and an output window of a image intensifier,improving the quality of the imaging device.

- It is widely used in all kinds of cathode ray tube, camera tube, CCD coupling and other instruments which need to transmit images.


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