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Adapter COMMSCOPE RJ45 Jack CAT6 1933748-1 09008929

SKU: 09008928
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Commscope Modular jack RJ-45 cat 6 jenis ini adalah Konektor jack almond RJ-45 port untuk di pasangkan ke Face Plate.

Spec and features

Brand : Commscope ( dahulu AMP )

model : 1933748-1

Connector RJ-45 female Cat 6

Thin profile improves outlet density

Terminate with common pliers

Jacks available with integral dust covers

Universal wiring label permits wiring to T568A or T568B

8-Position RJ45 modular jacks for 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-Pair applications

The socket clips into face plate to allow ease of wiring.

SL tool series


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